McKenna Grace Praises Family Friend Co-Star Hendrix Yancey


Hendrix Yancey recently completed its four-episode run on the Peacock miniseries A family friend. She played Jan Broberg, who gets kidnapped twice by a neighbor who had inserted himself into the family by becoming their “friend”. Yancey played Jan as a child, while teenage Jan is played by McKenna Grace, who usually plays the younger version of the main character. On Instagram, Grace wrote:

“I finally have a younger version. Little Jan became teenage Jan on last week’s episode of A Friend of the Family. I’m so proud of Hendrix, it wasn’t easy and she did an amazing job. You can now stream the first 6 episodes on Peacock now (coming to the 5th episode).”

Recently, Yancey was seen on stranger things 4 as Thirteen, playing one of Eleven’s fellow test subjects (Millie Bobby Brown, Martie Blair) at Hawkins National Lab. Who was, unfortunately, among those who lost their lives in a massacre. She was also in a separate Netflix original series, Unbelievable, playing the daughter of Merrit Wever’s character, Det. Karen Duvall, who is investigating a series of sexual assaults. The mom, not the daughter.


In addition to that, Yancey could also be seen in the Prime Video movie. Charm the hearts of men, which stars Kelsey Grammer, Sean Astin and Anna Friel as a group of people caught up in the civil rights movement. Yancey will next be seen in the drama series George and Tammy, the biographical story of George Jones and Tammy Wynette, played by Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon.

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The rest of the show

Nick Antosca is a writer, executive producer and showrunner on A family friend. Other cast members on the show include Jake Lacey as Robert Berchtold, the man who kidnapped Jan. Colin Hanks, and Anna Paquin as Bob and Mary Ann Broberg, Jan’s parents. The real Jan and Mary An Broberg are the show’s producers. According to Antosca in an interview, the collaboration between Jan Broberg and his family was at the heart of the project.

“It was essential. The first thing we did when we started thinking about telling this story as a series was contact Jan, and we had this initial conversation three years ago. is continued to this day, so we couldn’t and wouldn’t have done the show without Jan’s blessing and partnership. She’s been incredibly generous. There’s so much information and emotional truth that we put in the show […] but Jan was really essential in telling the human story, a story you can immerse yourself in, sympathize with and identify with,” Antosca said.

“I felt loved. It was like, ‘Oh, you’re going to be interested in my story. You’re literally going to listen to my family members, and you know they’re not to blame,'” Jan said. Broberg.

In a separate interview, Lacy said one of the reasons he signed on to play a pedophile was so they weren’t going to show the abuse. There was going to be a “logistical workaround” when it came to this element of the show. Jan Broberg’s involvement with the show also influenced his decision to take on the role. Additionally, he was intrigued by the challenge of playing someone so different from the “good guys” he usually plays.

“Then, separated from the subject – as horrible as his behavior is and the effect on his family, on other families – as a character, Robert Berchtold is superimposed and a real challenge to figure out how to create this person, and tell the story. I always crave challenges and those come in different ways. Something that was maybe uncomfortable or unfamiliar and said, “I’m going to have to dive in and trust the people around me, and trusting my years in this business to create something rather than thinking, “Let’s go back to what I can do in my sleep. “”

Right now, the first six episodes of A family friend are streaming on Peacock. To reiterate, Yancey is in the first four before Grace takes over the role in five. There are three episodes left in the season, which air every Thursday. If you wish, you can also watch the documentary Removed in plain sightwhich covers the same subject.


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