Microsoft’s new Mixer Create app lets you stream games live from your phone TechCrunch


Microsoft’s mobile game streaming app Mixer Create is coming out of beta testing on iOS and Android today, allowing gamers to stream the games they’re playing directly from their phone. This feature works on Android with all games, but is more limited on iOS. On iPhone, some games that have Apple’s ReplayKit feature enabled will work, the company notes.

This means games like Star Trek Timelines, Goat Simulator, Modern Combat 5: Blackout, and others will be supported.

The app can also be used for co-streaming, allowing up to four streamers to combine their streams into a single viewing experience, Microsoft says in its announcement. In the new app there is now an invites feature which is partially functional at the moment. Currently, you can accept or decline co-stream pop-up invites, but in a few months, you’ll be able to send these co-stream invites as well.

Players can also use the app for non-gaming purposes, such as vlogging via a feature that allows them to “go live” at any time to initiate a real-time broadcast to their fans.

Additionally, streamers can interact with viewers in their channel’s chat interface while streaming, just as they could on PC or Xbox.

This also includes access to moderation tools. Some players may choose to use the Mixer Create app for chat, while streaming from their computer or console, Microsoft suggests.

The launch comes shortly after rival Twitch launched its own updated streaming app, which included the ability to live stream from mobile devices to their channels. Like Microsoft, Twitch is also working to expand beyond gaming to allow its streamers to stream other content, including personal updates and other artistic endeavours.

Although Microsoft offers some features that gamers want, its traction in the streaming market still lags behind Twitch and YouTube in reach. According to a recent study by Streamlabs, Twitch has a much larger share of the streaming market, ahead of YouTube in second place. Microsoft, Periscope and Facebook Live had only shards.

However, Mixer (a startup that won TechCrunch Disrupt last year, when it was then called Beam), is still a relatively new entry into this market, and could catch up in time, or at least grow. His part.

Mixer Create is now available on both android and iOS.


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