My Stream Deck is a productivity dream and now it’s a Prime Day bargain too


I’ve been using an Elgato Stream Deck for a few months now and it might be the best thing I’ve bought in a long time. I don’t stream on Twitch or YouTube, but I have a ton of shortcuts I could never remember the keyboard combinations for and this thing is a game changer. At just $100, the 15-Button Stream Deck is a bargain and it could change your productivity game.

Magic buttons everywhere

Elgato Stream 15 button turntable | $99.99 on Amazon

This 15-button Stream Deck will change the game and at just $99.99, it’s a Prime Day bargain. It’s the number one bestseller in its class for a reason and although it’s the OG model, the differences between it and the newer version probably aren’t worth 50% more.

$100 at Amazon

For the uninitiated, the Stream Deck was first designed as a way to give streamers a quick and easy way to get things done while playing games, building keyboards and whatever kids do in streaming these days. They could press a button and an overlay would appear, for example. Press another and their microphone will be muted. It’s all great when you need ease of use while focusing on making money. But even if I don’t stream, I spend my day sitting in front of a computer and I too prefer not having to struggle with keyboard shortcuts I never remember while trying to make money. I may not have blue hair, but there are things streamers and I have in common.

Like our confidence in our Stream Decks.

Looking over my Stream Deck right now, I have a few buttons that launch me directly into specific OmniFocus perspectives. I have others that start and stop Toggl time trackers – while displaying the current elapsed time on the button – as well as others that put my Mac to sleep and launch Fantastical and Drafts.

Since Stream Deck is app compatible, the buttons and their functions also change whenever I’m in specific apps. It’s all pretty smart and while the individual actions don’t seem like huge, they all save time and mental load overall. I couldn’t do without my Stream Deck, so I’m here to tell you that this Prime Day deal is one you should definitely check out.

If you’ve been putting off buying any of these things, now’s the time to strike! I (almost) guarantee it will make you more productive, especially if you’re like me and never remember the fifteen keystrokes it takes for a function to work in the app you’re using.

We’re now coming to the end of the Prime Day deals, so be sure to check out our continuing collection of the best Apple Prime Day deals throughout the day. Also be sure to check before making a purchase elsewhere, you never know when the chance to save some money might present itself.

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