New EPCC campus building offers innovative learning experiences for students


Today, El Paso Community College (EPCC) officially opened the doors of the new Mission del Paso campus building located in the far east of El Paso and celebrated with a grand opening celebration.

One of five campuses conveniently located in El Paso County to serve students, the Mission del Paso campus is the college’s fastest growing campus.

Speaking at the inauguration, EPCC President Dr William Serrata said attending and graduating from college is becoming increasingly important as the jobs of the future will require a college diploma or certificate. “The EPCC is committed to ensuring high quality experiences and opportunities for students,” Serrata said. “This state-of-the-art building on the Mission del Paso campus will provide many innovative opportunities that will help us achieve our goal of educating more students, putting them on the path to graduation and to increase the level of education in our region. “

This campus expansion added an additional 60,000 square foot new building that will provide students with the opportunity to learn and interact with faculty and with each other. “This building will allow us to expand our course offering and develop new opportunities for students,” said Joshua Villalobos, dean of the Mission Del Paso campus.

This state-of-the-art facility will provide improved technology and spaces for students. Along with a laboratory and additional classrooms, a flexitorium space will promote interactive learning, accommodating everything from lectures and performances to guest speakers and special events. Students will have access to many tools for an extraordinary learning experience, including:

  • 3D printers to increase the learning experience in biology, geology and other courses;
  • an ER Stream table will reproduce the surface processes of streams and rivers for presentations by geology students;
  • a GigaMacro creates high-resolution photographs of specimens that students can use online to see fine detail;
  • a virtual reality sandbox creates virtual reality models of landscapes that can be changed instantly;
  • and Zspace tablets which create 3D virtual reality images that can be used to convey complex 3-dimensional concepts in biology, physics and geology.

These campus transformations will ensure that EPCC has the capacity to serve now and into the future. “I love coming to EPCC because it’s close to my home and my job,” said Veronica Martinez, a biology student. “I am delighted to be taking classes in the new building, especially in the new labs. “

History professor Dr David Raley says the building will help students succeed and focus on school since the facility was designed to encourage students to stay on campus longer. The new building has many places where students can sit and study, collaborate and just relax in a calm and studious environment. This promotes interaction between students and gives more opportunities for students and faculty to engage, both inside and outside the classroom. “The EPCC prepares students for success by providing them with a world-class educational experience, with excellent and relevant study programs, dedicated and passionate faculty, and cutting-edge facilities and technology,” said Raley .

“El Paso Community College is committed to transforming the future of students by providing high quality and affordable educational opportunities for our region. With globalized economies and emerging technologies changing both the education and employment landscape, EPCC remains committed to being the best place to start and end, ”said Brian Haggerty, Chairman of the Board. .

The EPCC has undergone a comprehensive master planning process that involved the participation of students, faculty, staff and the community. To improve student experiences and prepare for future growth, the EPCC master plan recommended several construction phases to expand the facilities. One such project is the Mission del Paso building. Investing in campus improvement needs and ensuring that EPCC has the capacity to provide students with additional classrooms and laboratories, cutting-edge learning experiences and improved technology is part of the strategic plan in college course.

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