NFL Plus to stream games to phone or tablet for $5 a month


Looking to watch football on your phone this season? Be prepared to add another streaming service to your subscription list. On Monday, the NFL announced NFLMorea $5-a-month service that allows fans in the United States to watch local and primetime games live on phones and tablets.

These games include broadcasts of games that air on your local CBS, Fox, and NBC stations during the regular season and playoffs, including the Super Bowl. NFL Plus will also include all games broadcast on ESPN/ABC (Monday Night Football) or Amazon Prime Video (Thursday Night Football). NFL Network games are also included, however you can only watch them on phones (no tablets).

The new service, which is also available for $40 a year, will still be limited to viewing only on a phone or tablet and won’t work for cord cutters looking to stream games to a larger screen like a TV. or a computer. In addition to the base NFL Plus offering, the league is also adding a second tier it calls “NFL Plus Premium,” which brings additional features like ad-free full and condensed game replays for $10 per month ( $80 per year).

In the past, the league had Verizon as a sponsor for mobile streaming, but recently waived live streaming rights for mobile broadcasts. The telecommunications giant offered live streaming exclusively to those on its network, but in 2017 the league and Verizon extended the streaming option to those using the Yahoo Sports app (which Verizon once owned) and the NFL mobile app, even if the subscriber was not a Verizon customer.

The launch of NFL Plus is the latest move as sports leagues continue to embrace streaming. Starting this season, the NFL will be Exclusive Thursday Night Football Match Stream on Amazon Prime Video. Apple has signed agreements with MLB and MLS stream games exclusively on its Apple TV Plus service while NBC’s Peacock has a similar agreement with MLB for exclusive Sunday broadcasts.

Apple and Amazon are rumored to be the landing spot for NFL Sunday Ticket after an exclusivity with DirecTV expires after the upcoming 2022 NFL season. Unlike NFL Plus, NFL Sunday Ticket includes all out-of-market NFL games that aren’t shown on local TV every Sunday. Disney and Google are also reportedly interested in acquiring the NFL Sunday Ticket rights.

In a recent interview with CNBC, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league announces its new partner Sunday Ticket “by the fall”.


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