Nintendo Switch: How to live stream on Twitch


Nintendo Switch players can live stream on Twitch by connecting their console to their computer and using a capture card with streaming software.

the nintendo switch the console is not able to stream directly to Tic, but gamers can use an external capture card and take a few quick steps to start live streaming their Nintendo games. Before getting started, players will need to create a Twitch account by visiting the website. Recording or streaming software will also need to be downloaded and an account must be created for this service.

To start streaming games on Twitch, gamers will need a capture card, a computer, two HDMI cables, a TV or monitor, and streaming software like OBS Studio or similar. The Nintendo Switch will need to be connected for streaming purposes. Unfortunately for those who prefer handheld gaming, there’s no way to stream on Twitch just yet. Additionally, anyone using a Nintendo Switch Lite will not be able to live stream on Twitch due to system limitations.


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There are plenty of affordable options for capture cards that gamers can find online or in stores, and all you need are HDMI in and out ports and a USB port. Many streaming software downloads are free, and the most common software used to stream Nintendo Switch games to Twitch is OBS Studio. Players can easily create an account for OBS Studio and download it or choose another free streaming software before connecting their console.

Use a Capture Card to Live Stream Nintendo Switch Games on Twitch

Nintendo Switch Twitch app cover

After obtaining the necessary equipment and software, players will need to connect their Nintendo Switch and use an HDMI cable to connect the console to the input port of the capture card. Then gamers can connect another HDMI cord from the output port of the capture card to the input port of their TV or monitor. From there, gamers can connect the capture card to their computer via a USB cable to complete the streaming setup.

Players can connect their Twitch account to their streaming software by going to Twitch, navigating to Account Settings, then copying the Master Stream Key under the Channel & Videos tab. If using OBS Studio, players can navigate to the Stream tab under Settings and enter their Twitch Master Stream Key. This option should also be in the Settings menu for most other streaming services. Then players can right-click in OBS Studio, select the option that says Add Video Capture Device, and choose their capture card.

Once the capture card is selected, players should see their Nintendo Switch screen streaming in OBS Studio. If any changes need to be made, such as adding a webcam overlay or resizing the broadcast window, this can be done before the broadcast starts. After setting everything up, players can select Start Streaming, and content from their Nintendo Switch will stream live to their Twitch account. The stream can also be interrupted at any time from the streaming software. Although Nintendo Switch does not offer a direct live stream option for Twitch, setting up a live stream is still quite simple and inexpensive.

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