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In case people need more reasons to be convinced that No Time to Die is finally coming out, Facebook will be live streaming the world premiere on Tuesday.

Thanks to Facebook, fans will be able to attend the world premiere of No time to die live online. The 25th film in the James Bond franchise has been slow to arrive, but it’s finally fast approaching. No time to die was the first film to delay its release in the face of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, and over the past year and a half it has faced numerous other release date delays. Ultimately, No time to die will debut in the UK this week before hitting US theaters on October 8.

In addition to being the 25th film in the franchise, No time to die is remarkable for another reason. This will be the last Bond film starring Daniel Craig; he has kept the role since 2006 Casino Royale and, as a result of this new feature, will have played in five franchise installments in total. No time to die will find Craig’s Bond living a quiet retirement life with his beloved Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux). However, when a devastating secret from his past returns to threaten all those dear to them, Bond must return to the spy game.


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No time to die will hold its world premiere on Tuesday, September 28, and according to Variety, fans everywhere can watch it. Facebook will live stream the premiere, which will be held at the Royal Albert Hall in London, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:05 p.m. local time. Hosted by Clara Amfo, the event will be both on Facebook and on Oculus Venues, an experiential space for Facebook’s VR headset. Fans can use tools like live commentary and captions, and there will be questions and answers.

Daniel Craig No Time To Die Bond

No time to die The actors expected at the premiere are Craig, Seydoux, Rami Malek, Lashana Lynch, Ben Wishaw and Naomie Harris. In addition, members of the royal family are said to be present, including Prince William and Prince Charles. Fans of the James Bond franchise will surely enjoy being part of the excitement at No time to die first, even though they can’t be there in person. Then again, for those with VR headsets, maybe they’ll really feel like they’re there.

Confirmation of No time to die the world premiere is even more important, if only because of the number of times the film has been delayed. The movie is set for release, but for a while fans were unsure if they would ever see it. However, after other high-profile delayed film releases like Shang-Chi and F9, it’s finally time for Mr. Bond to put his time in the spotlight. No time to die tickets are on sale now, so between that and the premiere, this release promises to hold up.

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Source: Variety

  • No Time to Die / James Bond 25 (2021)Release Date: 08 Oct 2021

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