No xCloud, no problem – now you can stream games from your Xbox to your Android mobile device > NAG


Microsoft’s cloud streaming service launched this month for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, but South Africa didn’t make the holiday slate. However, as a kind of consolation prize, we can use the new Remote Play streaming service instead. It’s the same, but different… but a bit the same. But also different.

With xCloud, users stream content from Microsoft’s cloud servers to the Internet. With Remote Play, users stream content from their Xbox One console over a Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection. Different, but the same.

It works much like Xbox One to PC streaming, projecting the console display onto your Android device – although the controller can be synced to the console Where your phone. I also managed to connect to my Xbox One over a mobile internet connection, but without the local Xbox Live servers and data bouncing to and from the EU, the latency is baaaaad. It’s not an issue on my 300+ Mbps home Wi-Fi network, and if there’s latency, it’s of no consequence.


  • A phone or tablet with Android version 6.0+ and Bluetooth version 4.0+
  • An Xbox console, a Microsoft account, and a compatible Xbox controller
  • The Xbox app
  • A Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection with a minimum download speed of 10 Mbps


  • Download the Xbox Beta app from Google Play, sign in to your account and connect to your Xbox
  • EZPZ!

What about iOS? It’s in beta, and registrations are not available at this time..


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