PointsBet to stream live games with the Betgenius extension

  • PointsBet USA will now offer its members a constant live streaming option through their website and mobile app.
  • The new streaming extension with Betgenius will offer players who use PointsBet in the six states where it is available better odds and bets for live betting in the game.

ATLANTIC CITY, NJPoints bet will now provide streaming services through the streaming product offered by their partner Betgenius.

The Genius Sports Group, the parent company of Betgenius, has entered into a new agreement that will extend its long-standing contract with PointsBet.

This extension will allow more live betting action in the game with sports betting as the country’s sports bettors having access to their platform will have even more information available to them to bet on the matches live.

The new streaming service by PointsBet

PointsBet is present in the United States in six states; Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and New Jersey. The new streaming feature will be open to both the bookmaker’s website and the mobile app in those states for members to use.

The initial partnership between the two companies was for Betgenius to provide accurate and up-to-date official league data on sporting events. Now they will be providing both statistics and streaming services for the platform.

Live betting accounts for 50% of a player’s activity, on average. With the addition of a streaming aspect, PointsBet will be able to offer game bettors the best way to engage in these types of betting.

It could also lead to an increase in the popularity of this type of bet with all the new information they will present on various matches for their players to access.

“The average American sports bettor currently has an almost perfect 50/50 split between bets placed before the start of the competition and bets placed in-play. Industry experts and the PointsBet team agree that bets will tend to decline. increasingly towards gambling as the US market matures – a natural change given the constant overlap of US sporting events, as well as the structure of US sports allowing micro-markets like the next “at-bat” in baseball or the “next drive” in football “, noted Ron shell, Vice President Client & Insights at PointsBet USA. “While this partnership with Betgenius is only the tip of the iceberg for PointsBet in terms of streaming, it is an important first step towards strengthening our base of success as the popularity of in-game betting continues to grow. increases. “

What will be seen at PointsBet with its latest feature

It is expected that there will be thousands of streaming options seen on PointsBet, everything happens live. There will be coverage on many events that will cover the sport spectrum as well as the world.

Each event will feature the most competitive betting prices and plenty of bets and numbers related to each match. Not only is live betting expected to see an increase in legal sports betting, but constant content via streaming, especially during off-peak hours, is expected to bring higher profit margins for the sports betting sector.

“We are delighted to launch Streaming with our first US customer. Providing a unique and differentiated betting experience has allowed PointsBet to grow impressively in the United States over the past two years. With fierce competition, standing out in the market is more important than ever, and our streaming service offers an exciting and powerful way to do it, ”said Bill Anderson, SVP – United States at Genius Sports Group.

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