Raspberry Pico Stream light bridge is as simple as Pi


Whether it’s for work, school, pleasure, or profit, almost everyone is a content creator video producer these days. And while OBS has made the show easier to manage, ordering OBS itself requires a certain finesse of the shortcut. Fortunately, it’s getting easier and easier to create macro keyboards that make presentation easier. This includes the microcontroller game’s new player – the Raspberry Pi Pico, which [pete_codes] used to create a beautiful OBS feed platform.

Sometimes you just need something that works without too many issues – you can still avoid the issues for version two. [pete_codes]’Pico Producer takes advantage of all of these I / O pins on the Pico and does not use a die, although that may change in the future. [pete_codes] love the simplicity of this design and so do we. You can see it in action after the break.

In response to the Twitter feed, someone mentions relegendable keycaps instead of the current 3D printed keycaps with stickers, but laments their absence online. All we can offer is Cherry MX compatible keycaps are definitely available. Maybe not in white, but they’re over there.

Yes [pete_codes] wants to go wild in version two and make this keeb macro control a lot more than just an OBS, he may want to leave the labeling to something dynamic, like an e-ink screen.


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