Smart ICT Division is the new division plan


The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division and StartUp Bangladesh, with the participation of eight offices/organizations of the ICT Division, jointly formulated the plan “Vision-41; Smart ICT Division.

Recently, they completed a 6-day workshop and developed a new model under the initiative of Digital Service Accelerator, A2I and ICT Division for implementing a master plan roadmap.

According to insiders, through this model, participating managers spontaneously formulate the roadmap for the master plan of their respective departments and organizations.

The Minister of State in charge of ICT Division, Zunaid Ahmed Palak, was present on the 5th day and the final phase of the 6-day workshop which started on July 22.

He said that Vision-41: Smart ICT Division – the new model developed during the workshop for formulating a master plan roadmap can be used for other ministries.

The design and investment of any service platform should be based on these 4 factors – public benefit, return on investment, investment justification and building self-sufficient national capacity of the service platform, a-t -he adds.

He also said that software designed for the purpose of automating the information and communication technology department should be divided according to short-term, medium-term and long-term priorities and implemented quickly.

In addition, the solutions designed during the workshop and meetings, discussions, GRP, D-documents and Dream Stream should be added to EDGE.

“A fintech coordination committee should be formed and a Future Thinkers Group (FTG) should be established in each ministry. Moreover, necessary steps should be taken to transform the A2I innovation lab into an institute,” he said.

The Principal Secretary of the Department of Information and Communication Technology, NM Ziaul Alam, led the workshop.

It should be noted that with the aim of implementing Digital Bangladesh under the visionary leadership and guidance of Prime Minister’s ICT Advisor Sajib Wazed, 56 ministries and 394 directorates/departments/organizations under his purview in 2017-2018 provided Digital Service Roadmap-2021 activities, analytical scoping and service digitization planning.

In continuation of this, from 2019 to present, digitization activities are carried out through the Digital Service Design Lab for 6 days in a total of 28 ministries/departments with the technical support of the Digital Service Accelerator, from A2I and the ICT Department.

The departments/organizations formulate their visions, dreams and activities based on the 4 pillars of the “Smart Bangladesh, 2041” vision and identify the missions opposite the vision.

114 initiatives have been identified in light of the conclusions drawn from the 6-day workshop which will be implemented through appropriate planning.

Apart from this, the software will also be implemented as a priority with the aim of establishing a paperless office through full automation of the Information and Communication Technology Department.


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