Steam Link Anywhere lets you stream games from, well, anywhere


Valve has just announced that its Steam Link Anywhere software is now in open beta testing on Android, Raspberry Pi, and Steam Link devices.

As the software successor to the original Steam Link hardware that Valve phased out late last year, Steam Link Anywhere lets you stream any game from your Steam library to any of the aforementioned devices that you choose. Keep in mind that you will need a strong enough internet signal for the home PC and the device you are streaming to for the entire setup to work.

Before Valve killed it late last year, Steam Link was the best way to stream your game library from your PC to your living room. The downside, however, was that the Link only worked on your home network.

Steam Link Anywhere promises a more versatile experience, which you can take with you … well, anywhere, and doesn’t require additional hardware.

The future of game streaming

What Valve is doing with Steam Link Anywhere largely mirrors what is happening elsewhere in the industry. Sony’s PlayStation Now software streams a library of games from Sony’s server to the PS4 and PC, while Microsoft has released its upcoming xCloud software that will stream games to iOS, Android, and, according to some rumors, even Nintendo Switch.

The difference between these services is that PlayStation Now, and presumably xCloud, will stream games you don’t own through a subscription service model, while Valve simply makes your own games available to you for free – a model that will appeal to everyone. plus cost-conscious gamers and those of us with already massive Steam libraries.

In the same press release featuring Steam Link Anywhere, Valve said it will be making more announcements at next week’s game developers conference in San Francisco, particularly around the new Steam Networking Sockets APIs that are expected to make lag-free online game development even easier for Steam developers.

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