Stranger Things killed a hero


The following contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2, now available to stream on Netflix.

As the marketing got carried away, one of the elements stranger things Season 4, Vol. 2 promised was death. This was unsurprising given that Vecna ​​was escalating their war from the Upside Down, locking themselves into the minds of Nancy and Max. Certainly, while fans didn’t want to see their beloved characters die, some accepted the horror to come as it would prove the stakes were high; however, many guessed the brutality to come. Make no mistake, the show delivered some shocking moments, which confirmed that another villain besides Vecna ​​was making things difficult for the teenage Hawkins. In the process, the series had three deaths – killing a hero and two villainous villains.

Stranger Things Season 4 Eddie Murdered

Eddie was a key part of the plan Steve’s team conjured up to pursue Vecna ​​in the Upside Down. While Lucas watched over Max, she distracted Vecna ​​on the astral plane, allowing Steve, Nancy, and Robin to rush into the Creel Mansion and burn through Vecna’s physical form. Eddie and Dustin, however, have been tasked with distracting the monstrous bats in the Upside Down, playing music to lure them in, so Team Steve can infiltrate the house.

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Unfortunately, the bats made their way through the trailer Dustin and Eddie were hiding in. As Dustin returned to the real world, Eddie chose to run away and let the Bats pursue him. He was tired of being a coward and failing, so he fought the Bats in the Dark Realm. Unfortunately, they mutilated him to death. Dustin then returned to find his friend’s body, grieving as he swore to honor Eddie’s memory.

Stranger Things season 4 had Brenner killed by the military

Sullivan’s faction of the United States Army eventually found Brenner and Sam’s experimental base in the Las Vegas desert. They attacked the facility, shooting at the soldiers protecting the lab. However, Brenner escaped after calming Eleven down. However, while Brenner found no guards up in the sand, a helicopter surrounded them. A sniper then shot her, so he dropped El. Eleven would then use her powers to bring down the helicopter, but when she went to “Dad”, it was clear that the multiple shots were fatal. He tried to apologize for his harsh methods of enhancing Eleven’s powers, but this time, rather than argue, she left him, knowing he would have made her a weapon and a monster.

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Stranger Things Season 4 Teased Jason

Jason was the jock who led the satanic panic in town, angry at Chrissy’s death. He wanted Mike’s Hellfire Club dead, which resulted in an attack on the Creel Mansion in the real world. He assaulted Lucas while Max was locked in his trance, but luckily Lucas fought back, knocking him out. Things got scary, however, when Vecna ​​claimed Max’s life, causing a rift to open in Indiana. This split tore Jason unconscious, tearing him in half and even leaving fans who hated him a bit disgusted by his bloody death.

Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2 is available to stream on Netflix.


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