Stranger Things Writers Room Confirms Season 5 Starts With A Photo


The Stranger Things writers room confirms that they have started writing the scripts for the fifth and final season of the popular Netflix series.

The stranger things the writers room has begun writing the final season of the popular Netflix series.

“Day 1”, the stranger things writer’s room posted on his social media accounts with a picture of a whiteboard with the stranger things Season 5 logo drawn on it. The social media post aligns with comments from Ross Duffer, who co-created the series with his brother Matt, who previously told fans in early July that the writers room would gather the first week of August. to begin writing the fifth and final season.

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Plot details are currently unknown for stranger things Season 5, which star David Harbor says is set to begin filming in 2023 for an estimated mid-2024 release on the streaming service. Unlike previous seasons, Season 4 ended on a cliffhanger, which Matt Duffer says was intentional. “Usually at the end of a season we tie things up with a nice bow before a little tease that says, ‘Wait, something is coming undone,'” he said. 5, we don’t have to. There will be no reset from where we end this season.” With Season 5 confirmed to resolve all issues and storylines, fans are wondering if the writers will finally end the love triangle in course between Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan and will bring back Kali Prasad/Eight, a Hawkins Lab test subject who hasn’t been seen in the current storyline since Season 2.

Stranger Things is a global phenomenon

stranger things remains the streamer’s biggest English-language series to date, with Season 4 amassing over 188.19 million hours watched. The popularity of the series has also helped slow the loss of subscribers on Netflix. Earlier this year, the streaming service predicted a loss of two million subscribers in the second quarter of 2022. However, a new report has revealed that the company only lost just under a million, which the Netflix CEO Reed Hastings credited the recent release of stranger things Season 4. The season was so popular that Volume 2 crashed Netflix servers.

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stranger things‘ success was not originally guaranteed. Harbour, who plays Chef Jim Hopper on the show, recently revealed that he thinks stranger things would be canceled after its first season. “I remember when we were filming the first season. We were in Atlanta, Netflix gave us a budget of around $20. Halfway through, I remember my hairdresser coming up to me, like about episode four that we were shooting, and her like, ‘I don’t think this is going to work.'” Harbor recalled. “At the the moment we finished, we finished, I thought we wouldn’t get a second season, we’d be the first Netflix show to never have a second season. We thought no one would watch it, it was going to be a disaster.”

The first four seasons of stranger things are available to stream on Netflix. A spin-off series is in development.

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