Stream Deck: find out what it’s for and tips for using it live


Stream Deck is an Elgato accessory that makes life easier for streamers, providing a dedicated keyboard for common actions during live streams. With the device it is possible to make sound and image adjustments directly in OBS Studio, in addition to interacting with the public on social networks and in the comment areas of platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Customizable, the device connects to the computer via USB and is available in Brazil — the accessory can be found on the national market from R$ 499 in the Mini version.

Then you will better understand what the Stream Deck is, find out the differences between the available models and what types of actions the device is capable of performing.

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The device is compatible with OBS and video editors — Photo: Disclosure/Elgato

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Stream Deck is an accessory from Elgato, a popular capture card brand, for streamers and content creators. The device is like a keyboard with programmable keys that can be associated with common activities throughout life. Adjusting the audio, changing the camera or framing and sharing links on social networks are examples of what can be done with the device in real time.

As it organizes access to many different features into a single set of shortcuts, Stream Deck makes life easier for the user. In this way, the streamer can adjust the parameters of the live without interrupting the communication with the public, which makes the transmission much smoother and more pleasant.

How does it work and how to use it?

The first generation of the Stream Deck appeared in 2017 and had a total of 15 LCD buttons. Currently, there are editions with more buttons (the “XL”), or with fewer (the more compact “Mini”).

As we mentioned earlier, the idea of ​​the Stream Deck is to serve as a specialized keyboard with useful shortcuts for those who live stream alone and don’t want to interrupt their live content to perform simple activities. You can configure the Stream Deck to switch scenes, change audio, trigger sound effects, or post to social media, all at the touch of a button. without the audience realizing that the presenter has done something.

You can create your own icons for the Stream Deck buttons — Photo: Disclosure/Elgato

According to Elgato, the accessory is compatible with OBS Studio — a very popular live streaming and capture app —, Twitch, Twitter, and TipeeStream. In addition, there is also a brand control and customization application, used to create the shortcuts for each key.

The mini version is cheaper and can be found in Brazil — Photo: Disclosure/Elgato

Brazilian streamers can now find the accessory in the domestic market. During our research, it was possible to find the Mini model, with six buttons, starting at R$499. The XL option, with 32 different buttons, showed up in our searches at prices starting at R$1,399.

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