Stream Deck MK.2 white refreshed by Elgato


Hot on the heels of seeing Elgato release its new Key Light Mini last month, the brand is back to introduce a new addition to its arsenal of workstation accessories. This time around, choosing to put a fresh coat of paint on one of its most popular options, the Stream Deck MK.2, and its 15-key LCD macro functions, has been refreshed with a white design.

Stream Deck MK.2 refreshed with white design

Along with a slew of other quality of life changes, one of Elgato’s big changes when refreshing the Stream Deck with an MK.2 model was the interchangeable faceplates. Letting streamers mix and match the look of their accessory, the brand adds yet another customization option into the mix.

Cladding the Stream Deck MK.2 in a white exterior offers the same features that made the second generation model even more versatile than the first. For starters, there’s the usual 15-key layout of LCD-screen buttons that can be used in a variety of applications, whether it’s adjusting streaming preferences on the fly, quickly launching apps, to monitor notifications or whatever.

Compared to the original model that started it all, the new one features USB-C connectivity, a 45-degree detachable stand, and a sleeker design, not to mention interchangeable faceplates for further customization. .

The only tweak this time around is entirely in the aesthetics, with Elgato channeling contrasting styles from the black model we originally saw. This new white design of Stream Deck MK.2 contains the same construction as before and is compatible with existing faceplates.

In my previous review of the accessory, I noted that while it may be designed for gamers, there’s a lot to like for those of us who drive a Mac daily. Since then, that mindset has only deepened as the Stream Deck becomes a more valuable aspect of my kit on each date. The white design leans a little more towards that Mac focus and will likely complement the look of your macOS setup a bit more than its stock counterpart.

Now available for pre-order on Amazon, you can now lock in your white Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 ahead of its March 23rd release date. The new colorway comes in with the same $149.99 price as before and is also backed by Amazon’s usual pre-order price guarantee. This ensures you’ll get the lowest price between now and the ship date, so if there’s a price drop ahead of time, you’ll automatically get the savings.

The 9to5Toys take:

Even though the new version of Elgato here is just a reskin of his existing prop, I’m a huge fan. This turns an already useful tool into an even more appealing option for those in the Mac ecosystem. Can a coat of white paint completely justify the new Stream Deck MK.2 to those who wouldn’t otherwise have been interested? Probably not. But there are sure to be those who see the refreshed model as the perfect time to give it a spin.

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