Streamers’ favorite Elgato Stream Deck Mini slims in size and price


Elgato has a new, cheaper version of its streamer control panel, with the Stream Deck Mini reducing the pad to six buttons, each a small LCD screen. The new model follows the Stream Deck, launched last year, which offered a quick way to trigger custom graphics, effects and more in the heat of the moment.

Since then, Elgato has rolled out new features for the Stream Deck, and the new Stream Deck Mini benefits from the outset. The six LCD keys are configured using a drag-and-drop interface in the Elgato companion app. Button graphics can be predefined or customized by the user.

There is native integration with OBS Studio, XSplit, Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Mixer, among other apps and platforms. Alternatively, you can configure your own apps of choice, using the buttons on the Stream Deck Mini to mimic the key combinations.

There is also macro support, now with the ability to trigger multiple actions from a single keystroke, simultaneously or in sequence. In this way, you can press a button and load the streaming app of your choice, send messages to various social media channels, etc. Application folders allow you to load and toggle multiple sets of buttons.

Compared to the original Stream Deck, the form factor has changed a bit. The larger model came with a foldable and removable stand that could lift it off the desk, while the Stream Deck Mini built it in. It’s also smaller, of course, but still plugs in with a single USB cable.

While Elgato is targeting the Stream Deck Mini on gamers, of course, there’s nothing to say that other users couldn’t get certain features out of it. As we found when we reviewed the original Stream Deck, it functions much like a MacBook Pro Touch Bar, but with more potential for customization. This has great benefits for video and photo editing shortcuts, and more.

Along with the new, more compact model, a new version of Elgato’s Stream Deck software was released today. Version 4.1 also adds the same multi-action macro support to the larger Stream Deck.

The new Stream Deck Mini is available for pre-order now, priced at $ 99.95. It will be shipped on August 1st. Meanwhile, the original Stream Deck remains on sale, with a list price of $ 149.95.

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