Tech & Science Daily: Lab Tests Show Omicron Survives Longer on Skin and Plastic


Japanese researchers have found that the covid variant of Omicron can survive longer than earlier versions of the coronavirus on plastic surfaces and on human skin.

In lab tests, they found it could survive 193 hours on plastic and 21 hours on skin.

The data has yet to be peer-reviewed, but experts believe this longer lifespan on surfaces and ability to remain infectious may have led to the Omicron variant becoming the dominant strain.

John Lennon’s eldest son, Julian, plans to sell some Beatles memorabilia as an NFT.

Objects like the black cape worn by his dad in the movie Help! and the handwritten notes of the Beatles song Hey Jude go virtual.

Twitter has banned a bot account that spoiled responses to the popular daily game Wordle.

The account called @wordlinator has been messing up replies every day, accessing the app’s code and auto-replying to tweets mentioning the game.

Also, the James Webb Telescope has reached its final destination. Microplastic pollution discovered around the world. Archaeologists warn that climate change will damage artifacts, and a homemade lightsaber wins the Guinness World Record. Hear it all in full in this episode:

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