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Kristen Stewart has come a long way. For much of the time, people viewed Stewart as bad at her job, basing that opinion solely on her admittedly difficult job in the “Twilight” films. But “Twilight” was a long time ago, kids. And since then, Stewart has built up an impressive resume filled with compelling performances. I honestly think she’s one of the most interesting actresses working today, and with ‘Spencer’ she gives her best performance yet – a performance that earned her an Academy Award nomination. best actress.

In “Spencer,” Stewart played the doomed Princess Diana, who must spend a dreaded three-day holiday weekend with her in-laws. A weekend with the in-laws is often frustrating, but at least when we ordinary people have to deal with something like this, we don’t hang out with the royals. The royals are cold and quiet, watching Diana almost like someone might watch a strange laboratory specimen. Will Diana be able to break away from these horrible ghouls firmly rooted in their traditions of yesteryear? Or will she have a complete nervous breakdown? Stewart is front and center here, giving a complex and harrowing performance that carries nearly the entire film.


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