The best new TV shows and movies to stream this week


SEEN everything there is to see on Netflix and co? Well, fear no more. The Sun brings you the best new TV shows coming to your screens.

From the highly anticipated Bel-Air to Steve Carell’s new Space Force series, there’s no shortage of shows to watch until the end.

Space Force (Netflix)


Space Force debuts on Netflix next FridayCredit: Netflix

Despite the talents of Steve Carell, John Malkovich and Ben Schwartz, this sci-fi comedy about a stellar new branch of the US military never took off.

Despite that, it’s back, just as spectacular and loaded with special effects as last time but hopefully now armed with a lot more laughs.

There’s a new president in the White House, which means General Mark Naird and his team are under even greater pressure to carry out their mission to weaponize space – or risk being replaced.

Available to watch from Friday, February 18.

Bel-Air (Sky on demand and NOW)

The French Prince Of Bel-Air gets a makeover


The French Prince Of Bel-Air gets a makeoverCredit: Sky

Now that’s a story about how The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air was overthrown…

That’s right, the classic ’90s series has been rebooted in the 21st century, but don’t expect any wise and humorous culture clashes – or Will Smit – because Bel-Air is a different beast.

After getting in trouble with the law after a violent fight with a dangerous local gang leader, Will, a promising student and basketball player from West Philadelphia, is sent by his devoted mother to Los Angeles, to live with his wealthy and influential Aunt Vivian and Uncle Phillip. .

Can he find a way to make the most of this second chance? And will he be accepted by the over-privileged inhabitants of opulent Bel-Air?

Available to watch from Monday, February 14.

Indemnity (Apple TV+)

Imagine being able to have surgery that separates your work-life memories from your personal-life memories, so that when you’re at work, you have no idea what your life is like outside of the office.

But when you’re at home, you have no idea what you’re doing at work.

That’s the intriguing set-up of this dark and hilarious nine-parter, directed by Ben Stiller.

Mark Scout leads a small team of workers at an obscure company called Lumon Industries, all of whom have undergone this memory splitting procedure, known as “separation”.

Everything seems to be going well until one day someone appears in Mark’s life outside of work to make him wonder if being fired was such a good idea after all.

Available to watch from Friday, February 18.

Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy (Netflix)

Whether you consider him the greatest living musical artist today, or simply the greatest living promoter, there’s no doubt that Kanye West – rapper, fashion designer, producer and tabloid regular – has thrown a huge shadow on pop culture lately.

But who is the real Kanye West? And how did he achieve such a level of fame and fortune?

This new three-part documentary tells his story, examining his difficult early years trying to break into the music scene, his relationship with his beloved late mother Donda, the ups and downs of his headline-grabbing personal life. And much more.

Available to watch from Wednesday, February 16.

Mo Gilligan: There’s Mo in Life (Netflix)

The world is definitely Mo Gilligan’s oyster right now. Whether presenting the BRIT Awards, making the nation laugh on a national tour or offering silly guesses about The Masked Singer, the BAFTA-winning comedian is definitely the man of the moment.

What better time, then, for him to release his second Netflix stand-up special?

Filmed in front of a sold-out crowd at London’s Hammersmith Apollo, Mo explores his teenage years, his job in retail, and the ups and downs of love and relationships – and it’s as funny as it gets.

Available to watch from Thursday, February 17.

The Woman in the House Opposite the Girl in the Window (Netflix)

Whether you enjoy it as a parody of every binge-worthy psychological thriller you’ve ever seen or simply on its own terms, this is an entertaining dark comedy with a terrific turn from Kristen Bell as Troubled alcoholic Anna, who thinks she witnessed a murder.

The answering machine (BBC iPlayer)

Martin Freeman has never looked so world-weary as in this dark and disorienting drama about a Merseyside police first responder who finds himself in over his head with local drug gangs.

Viewing difficult but great.

We’re All Dead (Netflix)

South Korea’s latest must-have series is a pleasantly gory zombie horror that’s both engrossing and relentless.

When a female student is bitten by a hamster in her high school lab, it leads to a terrifying zombie outbreak that soon leaves all the students fighting to survive.

No Returns (ITV Hub)

Emotionally draining and packed with impressive performances, this four-part drama tells the story of Kathy, a desperate mother, and her struggle to free her teenage son from a Turkish prison after he is arrested on suspicion of sexual assault.

Pretzel and the Puppies (Apple TV+)

Preschoolers will love this fun and furry new animated series about the adventures of an adorable family of dogs, led by dachshund dad Pretzel and mom Greta.


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