The countdown to Mysterious Stranger Things season 4 is almost over – what does that mean? [Updated]


Editor’s note: the stranger things season 4 The countdown live stream has been confirmed to be a countdown to a new trailer. The title of the video has been changed to “STRANGER THINGS 4 | TRAILER DROP COUNTDOWN”. The original story continues as follows.

We’re all counting the minutes to Season 4 of Stranger Things, and Netflix is ​​counting the minutes and hours to…something else. A new live stream you can watch right now – and we’ve embedded the video below – has appeared on the official Stranger Things YouTube channel. And Netflix just confirmed one of the things we’ll get when the countdown ends (details below).

The live stream – titled “IT’S ALMOST TIME | CREEL CLOCK LIVESTREAM” focuses on a large grandfather clock wrapped in branches and tattered fabric, with a digital clock at the very top. This clock corresponds to the timer in the lower right corner.

As you’ll see below, the countdown is currently underway until tomorrow (Tuesday, April 12) at 10 a.m. ET / 7 a.m. PT / 3 p.m. BST.

And, as Stranger Things fans eagerly anticipating the new season probably know, this clock is likely to be one of the showpieces of the new season – as the Creel House is a spooky building that features prominently in the marketing of the new season.

Oh, and pull out coordinates in a tweet posted by the official @Stranger_Things (opens in a new tab)Twitter account, we know where it is: 274 Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica, California.

The stream is tinged with a light purple hue, but you can still see smoke billowing from the back of the clock. From time to time, visual effects warp and tilt the clock faces on the clock face.

We also noticed men in lab suits with a logo we can’t quite see, whose voices can’t be heard, inspecting the clock.

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Analysis: What is Netflix’s Stranger Things livestream about?

Men Dressed As Scientists Examine Creeper Clock From Stranger Things Live

(Image credit: Netflix via YouTube)

Since we’re almost to the release dates for Season 4 of Stranger Things – May 27 for Volume 1 and July 1 for Volume 2 – it seems like that clock is probably ticking until the full season trailer. . There are plenty of fake “Stranger Things 4 final trailers” on YouTube, so it seems like it’s time for Netflix to deal with them. The other major possibility at this point would have been a reveal of the episode titles. But we already know them.

At the very least, it looks like the countdown is for a trailer. the Netflix Twitter Account (opens in a new tab) just posted the note “Stranger Things 4 trailer tomorrow!”

Of course, Netflix may be up to something else altogether. Since House Creel is still mostly unknown, the countdown could end with more images or teasing of said house.

That said, a final trailer is our best bet for what’s at hand.

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