The Stream Deck and the Steam Deck are two different things


The Steam Deck has exploded on social media as players discussed the pros and cons it brought to the portable games market. However, as a fun by-product of the hype, some people were confused by a seemingly innocent fake marketing break.

Elgato announced the new model of its Stream Deck on the same day as the Steam Deck. These devices of the same name have caused some confusion – or at least mixed search results for many internet users. Some have also started joke about the similarities between names.

It’s Steam Deck vs. Stream Deck. It’s “Steam” as the name of Valve’s digital game showcase and “stream” like the act of streaming a video game online for viewers to watch. The difference between the two devices is easy to remember if you know what both are.

Elgato might not be a big name for the casual gaming audience, but it’s probably a well-known electronics brand for tech enthusiasts. Elgato Stream Deck helps streamers organize all of their streaming interactions and apps from one convenient dashboard. It’s like a touchscreen command center that’s only slightly larger than the average smartphone. So the name “Stream Deck” – because it helps streamers.


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