The Utterly Fantastic Elgato Stream Deck Mini was a steal at $ 100, and now it’s 40% off


Today is a Great day to improve your video setup. The gorgeous Elgato Stream Deck Mini fell to $ 60 on Amazon, down from its usual $ 80 and well below its MSRP of $ 100. This is the same all-time low price we saw on Prime Day in July.

The Stream Deck Mini is a fantastic device with six programmable buttons to switch between camera feeds, launch media, and more. We called the original 15-button Stream Deck “a valuable tool in anyone’s streaming kit,” and the Mini is just as good but with fewer buttons.

You can use the Stream Deck Mini to perform any action needed for your chain. It can start a stream on your platform of choice, tweet your followers that a stream begins, or switch between multiple camera angles with a quick tab on the Stream Deck Mini. Any task that you do manually, you can probably automate with this tool.

We loved the Stream Deck Mini for its small size and durable design, the OLED keys that allow a high degree of flexibility, and of course the cheap price.

“Six buttons is perfect,” we wrote. “Keep some important stuff at the top level, throw in a few folders full of rarer ones, and you’ve got a video switcher that would make anyone jealous – and for just $ 99, which is a big deal.” steal. It’s hard to see how anyone could compete with the Stream Deck Mini at this point, because as far as I’m concerned Elgato perfected it.

And today, it’s 40% cheaper than when we looked at it.

There are no default options, which means it’s not something you can just plug in and go. Still, once you set it up for your needs, you’ll wonder how you came to be a Twitch star without it.

[Today’s deal: Elgato Stream Deck Mini for $60 on Amazon.]


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