The Xbox Series X | S may stream games later this year


Microsoft’s game streaming feature for Xbox is available on just about every major platform except the one place you can most expect it to be, the Xbox Series X | S. Today however, Microsoft made an official announcement informing gamers that the Xbox Series X | S consoles still get the game streaming capability for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

In fact, there is even now an exit window. During the Gamescom 2021 company showcase, Microsoft confirmed that cloud gaming will land on its latest consoles later this year. Once there, you will no longer need a mobile device or PC to stream your Xbox games.

Instead, you can enjoy cloud gaming on your real Xbox from the comfort of your couch. This offers huge benefits for those who primarily play on Xbox. Or that one game on Xbox. As these users can now try out games as long as they have a Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Xbox X series | S will be getting game streaming capabilities this holiday

There is no exact release date still, but there is an exit window. If you have a Series X | Console S, cloud gaming will arrive during these holidays. Without an official release date, those who can afford to try out Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming on another platform should definitely do so.

That way, they know what to expect when it hits consoles later in the year. That said, the experience might still turn out to be different for people testing it on mobile over mobile data or Wi-Fi, compared to a console that might be wired.

Games will be labeled with a cloud icon

When the feature goes live, the games will be easy to find and track. Since cloud gaming is an Xbox Game Pass feature, all related games will be in this app. Players will simply need to launch the Game Pass app and search for games with a cloud icon. As it will be the label to indicate which games can be streamed to the cloud and which cannot.

It should also be borne in mind that this list of games is spinning.


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