This new Samsung smart monitor can control your IoT devices, streaming games, etc.


Samsung is launching a new 32-inch 4K smart monitor, the M8, with Smart TV-like features.

Samsung hasn’t revealed an exact release date or price for the M8.

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The M8 is only 11.4mm thick, making it noticeably thinner than other models in the Samsung Smart Monitor Range. But what we really like about this new monitor is the magnetic, moveable SlimFit camera. It can be attached to the monitor for video calling, with support for popular video chat apps like Google Duo, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Samsung also integrates a SmartThings IoT Hub into the M8 which allows you to see a map of your various smart devices and control them directly from the smart monitor. The M8 also comes with a new feature called Workspace, which brings together work-related web services, like Microsoft 365, into one intuitive hub.

But the Samsung M8 isn’t just about work and productivity. It also includes Game Home, a new feature that turns it into a cloud game streaming monitor. Samsung said users will even be able to connect wireless controllers to the monitor for online gaming.

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