VAPORESSO’s new Target 100 and 200 mods do DTL and


SHENZHEN, China, December 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – VAPORESSO has just released the Target 100 and 200, designed for DTL vapers and outdoor enthusiasts. The new models – two upgrades to the Target 80 released in September – boast a sleek size, flexible grip, and unique toughness.

The Target 100 and 200 mods feature improved specs over the Target 80, combining a bunch of new offerings into smaller packages. These are sturdy outdoor mods that vapers will actually want to take outside.

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A robust and efficient triangular design

The Target 200 is 16% smaller than average mainstream mods with the same wattage capacity, according to SMOORE Lab, a lab at VAPORESSO’s parent company. Even compared to the VAPORESSO GEN, the brand’s previous popular dual-battery mod, the Target 200 is significantly smaller and more compact.

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How did VAPORESSO fare? Look no further than the cage-like structures of the new mods. With a strong, load-bearing triangular shape that makes full use of the devices’ interior space, the cage-like design ensures that the Target 100 and 200 mods are stable but also incredibly light and compact.

Countless outdoor models are vaping paradoxes: The tall and heavy designs of the devices discourage users from bringing them outdoors. The water-resistant Target 100 and 200 offer the most efficient and innovative new technology, turning the traditionally bulky mods of the outdoor industry into unwanted relics of the past.

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

Smaller size, but larger capacity

The Bubble iTank built into the Target 100 and 200 has an impressive 8 milliliters capacity, a whopping 67 percent more than normal tanks for mods of the same size. Lab reports show that the iTank of the devices supports up to 240 puffs for vaping at 55W and 200 puffs for vaping at 75W, which equates to a full day of vaping outdoors for some vapers. With the industry’s most compact dual battery mods combined with high capacity tanks, the Target 100 and 200 mods are perfect companions for vaping in a number of popular settings, including at home, at gatherings. and for outdoor occasions.

VAPORESSO iTank VS Normal tank capacity
Normal tank VAPORESSO iTank
Right tank 3.5 ml 5 ml
Bubble tank 5 ml 8 ml

Smoother airflow, from below

The iTank draws air in from the bottom, where the triple air inlets allow large amounts of air to enter at the same time. Three air inlets would normally ensure greater airflow capacity, but could also invite unwanted turbulence which unintentionally decreases air flow and results in uneven heating.

To avoid this problem in the iTank, the VAPORESSO R&D team mimicked the aerodynamics of a racing car’s spoiler by placing the Turbo Airflow system in the bottom. The unique system combines air flow from three directions and channels it in a constant flow. The airflow rises up through the mechanical structure in the center and combines to produce a more focused and quieter vaping experience. It allows the coil of devices to heat up faster and fully vaporize the e-liquid inside.

Balanced flavor, thanks to precise heating controls

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