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the original Password The game show debuted on October 2, 1961, and aired until 1967. The show was creative and inventive at the time, as contestants tried to guess the password.

Now the show is back with an old school feel for a new school audience with host Keke Palmer and producer Jimmy Fallon.

How to watch Password, the series premiere today:

Date of the game: August 9, 2022

Game time: 10:00 p.m. ET


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Password is back with Palmer and Fallon at the helm as they bring back the hit 1960s series for modern audiences.

In the original show, the rules and format were very simple. A celebrity guest and contestant would team up to try and beat another couple of the same format. One would get the answer “password” and then give a one-word hint to their partner to try to guess within the allotted five seconds.

Play continued until one team beat the other with the most passwords guessed or until 10 hints were given.

With this new edition of the show, the rules will likely remain true and faithful to the original game, but with modern twists and additions for a fresh take on the classic game.

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