WebClip2Go Adds Stream Platform for Live Switching


VEENENDAAL, The Netherlands—WebClip2Go, a division of Burst Video, showcased its Stream Deck platform which adds live switching to its video production suite.

WebClip2Go is designed to simplify editing components and move them to the forefront of the workflow to be deployed in multi-purpose bundles, essentially doing editing before the post-production process. This includes the ability to reuse “pre-created” scenes where new on-camera content is added as needed.

The new live switching module allows the video presenter / producer to trigger elements in the scene at will and exert a greater level of control over the progress of the shoot as it progresses, according to WebClip2Go.

The Stream Deck unit is an Elgato Stream Deck controller, available with six, 15 or 32 fully configurable buttons. Buttons can be configured to perform various video functions, including loading a predefined scene; perform functions such as play, pause and record; layering of graphics and effects; and switch between cameras in a multi-camera studio setup, or to access a remote camera input.

Button configuration is plug and play, with the process of configuring each button being done through menu selection. Each button can be loaded with a graphic. Additionally, when features have been triggered by a button that prevents the use of other buttons, those buttons will turn gray until they can be reused.

WebClip2Go says the new feature can be particularly useful in interview-style videos, live streaming, and webinars. When WebClip2Go is combined with the Stream Deck and is used to create live streams, three separate videos from the production are still recorded to disc – the composite live stream and two additional sources, allowing post-editing of the video afterwards. the original broadcast.

For more information visit www.webclip2go.com.


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