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December 15 Randy Jackson from the Department of Agronomy and the Wisconsin Energy Institute on

“Grasslands 2.0: Restoring People and Grasslands to Agriculture”.

The description: Grassland 2.0 is a USDA-funded project focused on transforming agriculture in the upper Midwest from grain-based animal production to grassland-based animal production. The benefits of such a transformation would be the restoration of the essential functions of the original grassland – soil formation, clean water, biodiversity – as well as increased profitability, which should continue to grow. diverse farmers on earth. Our approach combines top-down efforts to raise awareness by developing this narrative and bottom-up efforts to build local conversations about how to achieve this transformation.

Biography : Jackson received his BS in Environmental Science from UC Riverside, MS in Natural Resource Science from Humboldt State University, and PhD in Ecosystem Science from UC Berkeley. He is currently the Campbell-Bascom Professor of Grassland Ecology in the Department of Agronomy at UW-Madison. His group is exploring how agroecosystems accumulate and retain carbon and nutrients while supporting biodiversity. He helps lead Grassland 2.0 and the Wisconsin Integrated Cropping Systems Trial, a 30-year experience comparing ecosystem services provided by a range of cropping systems typical of the upper Midwest.

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