What happens if Twitter is hacked?


Twitter not working like before. Under new ownership, the site operates with half its usual staff and a whole new set of executive pressures. As a result, Twitter has become a more unstable platform. As features break, security measures expire, and staff struggle to keep up, Twitter is likely to become more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats as well.


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This week on Gadget Lab, WIRED Security Editor Lily Hay Newman joins the show to talk about what could happen if Twitter is hacked by hackers.

Show Notes

Read Lily’s story on Twitter SMS two-factor authentication issues. Read all of WIRED’s recent Twitter coverage.


Lily recommends Wicked protein bars, especially the maple flavor. Lauren recommends Andy Greenberg’s book Tracers in the dark. (WIRED posted a few excerpts.) Mike recommends the show The sand man on Netflix.

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