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Pam and Tommy Official Trailer | Hulu

Nominated for: Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series

Where to stream it: Hulu

At first, the relationship between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee was the definition of a whirlwind romance. In 1995, the unstable Mötley Crüe drummer met and married Baywatch star after a weekend in Cancún. From the moment they landed in Los Angeles, they were stalked by the paparazzi – or, as Lee would later describe in Mötley Crüe’s autobiography, Dirtiness, a “lynching mob”. A year later, they had a son, a major celebrity’s first sex tape, and a plot of lawyers. But that’s not the story of Hulu’s new limited series Pam and Tommy chooses to tell.

Based on 2014 rolling stone article by Amanda Chicago Lewis, Pam and Tommy primarily concerns carpenter Rand Gauthier, the disgruntled contractor who stole the tape. Played by Seth Rogen, who also produced the series, Rand is portrayed as an unlucky schmuck who stumbled upon the sex tape being stolen and decided to sell it online as revenge for Lee, who fired him without payment. . Everything happens in the first episode of the series exactly according to the rolling stone article, and the rest of the eight episodes explore the fallout, balancing Rand’s story with that of Pam (Lily James) and Tommy (Sebastian Stan)… [Read Olivia Truffaut-Wong’s review]


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