Wrexham AFC: pressure for the National League to broadcast matches


Wrexham AFC will continue to push for National League matches to be available for streaming domestically and internationally, having been denied permission to broadcast tonight’s game against Gateshead (Tuesday 30 August).

Wrexham AFC say they first raised the issue in April 2021.

In a statement, the club said: “The ability to broadcast matches would financially benefit all clubs and significantly raise the profile of the League by providing League leaders with the platform to market the competition, generating increased revenue. central income.

“At the start of this season, with the imminent launch of ‘Welcome to Wrexham’, the club intensified pressure on the National League for support from BT, to allow all clubs to broadcast matches at both national and international, taking into account the provisions of Article 48 of UEFA.”

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Having made no significant progress by August 23, they asked the National League board to approve an approach to BT, in order to secure Wrexham’s consent to broadcast the now sold-out game against Gateshead.

The club said: “Incredibly, the request has not even been considered by the National League board yet, regardless of the decision taken.

“The Club feels disappointed and can only assure fans new and old that we have done everything we can to provide the opportunity to watch the game live, both in the UK and abroad. .

“On Tuesday there will be at least 39 matches available for UK audiences to watch on various platforms and likely more on the international market, so why the National League is reluctant to allow the match to be broadcast is difficult to understand. .

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“We will continue to push, to ensure that all clubs can broadcast matches, not just Wrexham AFC.”

Club co-owner Ryan Reynolds commented on the matter via Twitter.

He tweeted: “After months of best efforts, the decision (through the inaction of the @Vanarama National League) not to allow Wrexham and other league clubs matches to be broadcast nationally/internationally is truly puzzling .

“Depriving every team in our league of the opportunity to grow the fanbase while increasing league revenue benefits everyone. This is a spotlight and a chance and we ask @TheVanaramaNL to seize it And we urge @Vanarama and @btsport to help them find the wisdom to do so”

Copied in the feed was BT Sport and all National League clubs.

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Co-owner Rob McElhenney, also on Twitter, joked: ‘For those who can’t tell, this is Ryan upset. It took me a while too. An upset Canadian reads like a mildly annoyed American.


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