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Live streaming Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S gameplay on Twitch can be done easily by linking the accounts and following a few simple steps.

Live broadcast via Tic on Xbox only requires a few quick steps to link accounts. Live streaming on Twitch is a popular way for Xbox gamers to share content and engage with the gaming community. More than 140 million unique visitors use Twitch each month, whether watching or streaming.

First, Xbox players must have a Twitch account to live stream and this can be set up through the Twitch website. With an active Twitch account, streaming live gameplay is a quick and easy process. Just like setting up Twitch streaming for PlayStation, no additional hardware or software is needed to go live. Simply link a Twitch account to an Xbox account and follow a few steps to send a live game stream to the masses.


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Once a Twitch account is created, the player must download the Twitch app on Xbox from the Marketplace. The user must then sign in and activate the account for the Xbox. A code will be provided on the Xbox app for the player to log into the Twitch website and enter the code. A two-step authentication code will then be sent to the Twitch account email address and once entered, the linking process will be complete.

Stream on Twitch on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Xbox console with Twitch app

Soon, Xbox will make this process much easier for gamers by adding the ability to live stream via Twitch to the menu screen. Currently, Xbox players must use the Twitch app for streaming. Once the accounts link is complete, the player will enter the Twitch app through the Xbox. One of the top menu options is “Broadcast”. Select this option and proceed to the next steps. This next screen may seem a bit complicated, but it is quite simple.

The left side of the screen allows the user to enter a title for the stream. This title may be important for Twitch users to find the stream via search. The right side starts with the “Destination”, which will only be Twitch in most cases. Next is the “Camera Position”. Some gamers prefer to have a webcam connected to the Xbox so viewers can see the gamer. However, be sure to follow DMCA compliance with this. If connected, the position of this video can be selected. The “stream bar position” doesn’t matter to viewers, but may matter to the streamer. Depending on the game, the position of this bar can be moved to stay away from the HUDs.

The next three options relate to stream volume control. Twitch viewers will need an enjoyable experience and these three options allow the streamer to provide that. There is a “Microphone”, “Party Chat” and “Game” option. These are the player’s microphone volume levels, the party chat volume if the player is in an Xbox party, and the actual game volume.

Finally, “Bitrate” and “Stream Resolution” can be changed from the automatic settings if the streamer deems it necessary. Once “Start Broadcast” is selected, the live broadcast will officially begin and all of the player’s subscribers will be notified. A shareable link will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Once the stream is live, the player can access the game and continue playing and streaming as normal. The stream can be stopped at any time by returning to the Twitch app and selecting “Stop Streaming” in the same place where the “Start Streaming” button was previously located.

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