You can turn your phone into a Stream Deck


Elgato’s Stream Deck was a handy tool when it first launched: an attachment that lets you assign scene changes and other functions with the push of a button. It was great for streamers who wanted to handle transitions quickly and seamlessly. And now you can have the same control through your phone.

It doesn’t have as many buttons as the Stream Deck XL, an extension of the Stream Deck l, but Stream Deck Mobile will fit in your pocket. It’s only on iOS at the moment, but you’ll be able to assign 15 virtual buttons via a wireless connection.

Using the Stream Deck software on your desktop PC, you can assign buttons to change scenes, start and stop streaming / recording, adjust levels for audio and lighting, add keys you don’t want. step on your keyboard, use the function key on macOS, instantly mute / mute windows and apps, and more. Stream Deck already integrates natively with OBS, Streamlabs, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter and other non-gaming apps like Philips Hue wireless lights.

“The app pairs easily by scanning a QR code in the Stream Deck software, syncing with any actions you’ve configured on the desktop app,” Elgato said in a statement.

The only downside to the mobile app is that it’s a subscription model, although it’s still significantly cheaper than the hardware itself. The mini Stream Deck (which only has six buttons, less than half of what you can get through the app) sells for $ 129 locally, while the full-size deck will set you back $ 199.

The mobile subscription costs $ 4.49 per month or $ 38.99 per year. There’s no iPad option yet: the extra screen size would certainly allow for more buttons and functionality. If you wanted the hardware to eliminate the wireless problem, the Stream Deck XL has 32 customizable and programmable keys. It will be available in Australia later this year, with the device already launching internationally. As for Stream Deck Mobile, if you have an iPhone, you can try it out for yourself now.


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